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Why It’s Hard To Stop Mouth Breathing

There are several reasons you might discover it’s hard to breathe with your nose. Stopping mouth breathing can be more difficult than you think. Possible reasons include…

  1.  Your nose is stuffed.
  2. You have a nasal obstruction.
  3. You breathe with your mouth when it’s already open for eating, talking, flossing, or even making cute facial expressions.
  4. You’re not thinking about how you’re breathing. It’s an instinct, run on autopilot by the reptilian brain. So you’re just not aware how you’re breathing, or how other people are breathing, and you don’t take it into consideration at all.
  5. Your body doesn’t want you make any major changes, including transitioning from mouth breathing to nose breathing, too fast. Your system is used to the current, sensitive balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide and prefers to make even good changes slow.
  6. You probably have to move more slowly than you’re used to as you learn to breathe more efficiently with nasal breathing, and you’re resistant to that.
  7. Nasal breathing is more connected to emotions. If you’re trying to avoid some uncomfortable feelings, breathing slow, steadily and gently is likely to bring them up.

These obstacles are real.  Most can be changed simply over time by adapting to a new set of habits, which we cover in depth in our coaching and classes.

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