Assess your breathing fitness! How many of these 25 symptoms and behaviors associated with problematic breathing do you have?


How many of these symptoms of poor breathing habits do you have?

Abdominal bloating

Anxiousness, Tension, Apprehension


Audible breathing during sleep

Bed Wetting

Belching, Flatulence

Blocked nose

Chemical sensitivities

Chest pains that are not heart related

Chest tightness

Chronic exhaustion


Cold hands or feet





Difficulty swallowing

Disturbance of consciousness

Dry mouth

Easily tired

Excessive sweating

Exercise intolerant

Falling asleep sitting, reading, watching TV, driving

Fast or heavy breathing

Fear of sultry air

Fear without reason

Feelings of unreality

Food allergies

Frequent or urgent urination

Frightening/intense dreams

Generalised weakness or “weak at the knees,”

Grinding Teeth

Hay Fever, Sneezing



Increased thirst


Irregular, pounding, or racing heart

Irritable bowel

Light-headed or dizzy

Loss of sense of smell

Lung congestion or Bronchitis

Mouth- breathing in day

Mouth- breathing in sleep

Mucous congestion

Muscle pains

Muscle spasms

Muscle weakness

Nasal/sinus congestion on waking

Number of toilet visits per night (   )

Number of wakings per night (   )

Numbness or tingling hands, feet, limbs, face

Pains in bones or joints

Panic attacks

Pollen, dust allergies

Poor concentration/memory

Post nasal drip

Prone to Colds

Restless Legs

Runny nose (number of tissues used/day (  )

Sense of “losing the mind”

Short of breath at rest

Short of breath on exertion


Sleep Apnea (breathing stoppages) noticed by others

Sleepiness during the day


Spaced out feeling

Throat Clearing

Tremors and twitching

Unsteadiness or fainting

Upper chest breathing

Wake self with gasp/snort/choke -Times/night/week( )

Waking up tired

Waking with a headache

Wanting a day nap

Weight gain

Weight loss


Yawning or Sighing

Most of these are also symptoms of the fight-or-flight state of the nervous system.