Assess your breathing fitness! How many of these 25 symptoms and behaviors associated with problematic breathing do you have?

10 Breathing Skills People With Asthma Should Learn

It makes sense to learn as much as you can about managing any condition you have. We think for people with asthma,this should include common-sense wisdom and self-help skills such as:

  • How to protect your breathing ability and comfort when a cold is coming on.
  • How to breathe when your chest is feeling tight and you don’t have your rescue inhaler on-hand.
  • What sleeping position helps you breathe easiest.
  • How to assess ahead of time whether your breathing is strong enough to exercise right now.
  • How to cool down your breathing after exercise just like you cool down your muscles.
  • How to figure out what you should and shouldn’t eat, based on how those foods affect your breathing.
  • How to conserve your energy so you can get through your daily activities when you’re feeling symptoms.
  • What type of breathing increases symptoms and what type of breathing calms them.
  • Principles for unblocking your nose naturally when it’s stuffed and you can’t breathe through it.
  • How to work with feelings of anxiousness that come up when you feel breathless.
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