Assess your breathing fitness! How many of these 25 symptoms and behaviors associated with problematic breathing do you have?

Breathing Conditioning for Breathing Stamina

You Deserve To Breathe Easy

Breathing retraining is a self-management approach to identify and correct poor breathing habits that can underlie chronic illness and low stamina.

Discover a set of tools — based on simple, scientifically-validated principles and exercises — to condition and improve your breathing strength and capacity.

Most of the people who explore breathing coaching, experience breathlessness for some reason. Many are athletes who would like to move freer, faster and more comfortably. Others have breathing-related conditions like asthma, allergies, snoring and anxiety, and are under medical care.

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For Many People, Healthy Breathing Doesn't Just Happen...It Has To Be Learned

There’s a lot of information available about basic health practices such as what and how to eat, and how much water to drink.

It’s not commonly known, but there’s also a physiologically normal way to breathe too —  to get the most oxygen absorbed by the brain and body, and feel more energy. 

We breathe 20,000 to 30,000 times a day. When people breathe poorly, it can exacerbate conditions like asthma and allergies, snoring and other sleep disturbances, and anxiousness and stress.  If you have one of those conditions, it’s not guaranteed but very likely you can reduce symptoms by normalizing your breathing pattern.

Breathing Retraining Center offers coaching and trainings aimed at correcting poor breathing habits with self-help breathing exercises and therapeutic lifestyle changes. 

Our services include:

Our Philosophy

The four pillars:

The Time Is Now

The program is flexible with varying levels of support depending on your time, budget and intensity needs. 

Embrace the change you want to experience with support that works for you. 

Private coaching includes Zoom video sessions with messaging available in-between, to provide exceptional presence and encouragement as you internalize the breathing skills that can correct the disruptive symptoms of poor breathing habits.

It’s also fun and economical to explore and practice breathing skills with like-minded people in a community that meets regularly.The Healthy Breathing Habits Academy offers occasional classes and groups, and is available to organizations interested to sponsor events. 


1:1 Breathing

This is modeled after personal fitness training, where you see your coach once a week (or another frequency you prefer) and do recommended activities between sessions.

Group Coaching
and Classes

We invite organizations and companies to sponsor a Healthy Breathing Habits Academy class for affordable team learning. We also offer periodic events.

Public Speaking
and Writing

Ask Coach Lisa to contribute to your publication or event! 


“I highly recommend attending one of Lisa Bowen’s Buteyko Blitz Weekends or classes that she offers. Lisa gave me many tools that I am slowly trying to incorporate in my life. Lisa is a competent, personable teacher who both provides information and then makes sure you understand what you are learning by having you practice various methods. I am confident attendees will benefit from this method.”


Oakland, CA

“I’ve never had a breakthrough in my health as amazing as this! Lisa has shown me a light at the end of a tunnel of chronic illness and chronic coughs. Thank God for this place!”


Alameda, CA


What’s your breathing fitness goal? What’s your “why”? Maybe you frequently can’t catch your breath and want more control. Maybe you want to complete an athletic event without collapsing just past the finish line. Maybe you just want to feel comfortable reading a couple stories to a child on your lap without getting winded!
Over the years, I’ve noticed four reasons why some new students — excited at first with the prospect of doing something holistic, free and easy to reduce symptoms, boost stamina and comfort in their body — stall out on breathing training. Here’s a description of some typical obstacles that can arise and how to work with them skillfully so you can set yourself up for success to keep going!
In the realm of health and wellness, you might have come across terms like “coaching” and “training,” often used interchangeably. However, in the world of supporting breathing fitness and overall well-being, these words carry distinct meanings that can significantly impact your journey to a healthier life. As someone who specializes in both breathing training and coaching, I’m here to shed light on the crucial differences between the two, and explain why I have come to believe that coaching stands out as the transformative choice.